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Dr. Angelise Rouse @rouse_dr

About The Author

Dr. Angelise M. Rouse is an education writer and staunch special education advocate. Her interest focus is on creating a meaningful, lasting and empowering educational experience for students with disabilities. Her research examines the development of opportunities to learn in special education classrooms, and how these opportunities are negotiated differently by various groups of students.

Inspired by her doctoral dissertation topic, Dr. Rouse future research interests are in the overrepresentation of minorities in special education and the emotional development of African-American young males. Dr. Rouse holds several educational certifications and has been thoroughly published on critical educational issues. She has worked in several educational arenas serving as a charter and public school teacher, school administrator and college faculty member. Her work ranges from all levels of education from middle school through college.


Dr. Rouse holds a Masters in Organizational Management and Special Education and received a Ph.D. in Special Education Leadership. Her first book, Especially 4 Me: A Student’s Guide to Understanding the IEP, was written to help promote self-advocacy for special education students. Her latest publication,The King Inside: A Practical Guide for Young African- American Males, was written to encourage and motivate young African-American Males to succeed and navigate life’s challenges into adulthood. She is currently working on her next publication which will highlight urban education and inner city matters, specifically as they relate to educational research, policy, and practice.


Dr. Rouse believes everyone has captivating stories to tell and each story is as unique and individual as the strands on our heads. She believes that our personal insight gives substance and credence to our experiences and ideas to bring forth change. It’s time more educators position ourselves to make positive changes to educating all students on new levels.

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