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Dr. Angelise Rouse @rouse_dr

About The Author

Dr. Angelise M. Rouse is an education writer and staunch special education advocate. Her interest focus is on creating a meaningful, lasting and empowering educational experience for students with disabilities. Her research examines the development of opportunities to learn in special education classrooms, and how these opportunities are negotiated differently by various groups of students.


Inspired by her doctoral dissertation topic, Dr. Rouse future research interests are in the overrepresentation of minorities in special education and the emotional development of African-American young males. Dr. Rouse holds several educational certifications and has been thoroughly published on critical educational issues. She has worked in several educational arenas serving as a charter and public school teacher, school administrator and college faculty member. Her work ranges from all levels of education from middle school through college.


Dr. Rouse holds a Masters in Organizational Management and Special Education and received a Ph.D. in Special Education Leadership. Her first book, Especially 4 Me: A Student’s Guide to Understanding the IEP, was written to help promote self-advocacy for special education students. Her latest publication,The King Inside: A Practical Guide for Young African- American Males, was written to encourage and motivate young African-American Males to succeed and navigate life’s challenges into adulthood. She is currently working on her next publication which will highlight urban education and inner city matters, specifically as they relate to educational research, policy, and practice.


Dr. Rouse believes everyone has captivating stories to tell and each story is as unique and individual as the strands on our heads. She believes that our personal insight gives substance and credence to our experiences and ideas to bring forth change. It’s time more educators position ourselves to make positive changes to educating all students on new levels.

March For Justice

March along with TJ and his best friend Canaan, as they take part in their first peaceful protest with their parents, teachers, and classmates, in hope of bringing change to the unfair treatment and violence against Black people in America. March for Justice is book four in the “TJ and Canaan’s Big Adventures" Book Series.

TJ and Canaan's Big Adventures: Career Day


All of the students in Mr. Perry’s kindergarten class were excited to welcome the special visitors to Career Day. TJ and his best friend Canaan were selected as helpers and must prepare the classroom for the day. The children learned about many careers such as a doctor, construction worker, author, and computer engineer. What do you want to be when you grow up? Career Day is the second book in the “TJ and Canaan’s” Big Adventures Book Series.

TJ and Canaan's Big Adventures: First Day of School (Tj & Canaan's Big Adventure)


Join TJ as he takes a bold step to make new friends on his first day of school. At first, he was afraid and wanted to stay home. After meeting a new friend Canaan, who also loves dinosaurs, TJ became excited about school, meeting new friends and participating in the classroom activities. Both boys are eager to learn and are surprised at how fast the school day ends. First Day of School is the first book in the “TJ and Canaan’s” Big Adventures Book Series.

TJ and Canaan's Big Adventures: Trip to the Zoo


Come along with TJ, Canaan, and their classmate Jordan for Mr. Perry’s class field trip to the zoo. The boys have up-close fun learning and observing zebras, leopards, giraffes, lions, monkeys, and many other animals. This trip to the zoo is one the entire kindergarten class will never forget.

The King Inside: Practical Advice for Young African-American Males


It’s time for you as a young African-American male to put an end to the negative statistics and media portrayals of your doomed future. The King Inside: Practical Advice for Young African-American Males, aims to give you a foundation on several areas in life where your decision-making will be challenged. Topics such as family, education, mentorship, friendship, and finances are included to give you an introductory understanding of these critical life issues. No one book can cover everything, but let this one be the start of further research, initiative, and discussions with your parents, teachers, and others to help you succeed. Get ready to unleash the King Inside!


Especially 4 Me: A Student's Guide to Understanding the IEP


Designed to provide support for special education students and help to promote self-advocacy, “Especially 4 Me, A Student’s Guide to the IEP”, provides the resource students need not only for understanding the IEP process, but also to learn specific strategies to taking a more active role in their education. The fun interactive role play make this a must-read for anyone wishing to create a positive lasting impact on the lives of special education students.

Born A Queen: Practical Advice For Young African- American Females


After years of being told that we are less than, it’s time to get out of the shadow and take our destiny into our own hands. African-American women are winning; we’re changing the negative stereotype they portray of us. Born A Queen: Practical Advice for Young African-American Females is a guide to help you join the conquering team.
Dr. Angelise Rouse draws on decades of experience and the latest research to reveal a foundational approach offering practical advice in several areas of life where your decision making will be challenged. Personal growth, education, nutrition, family, and relationships are a few of the topics covered in this book to help you unpack the limiting mindsets that destroy your self-confidence and keep you from moving forward. You were Born A Queen. Get ready to put on your crown!

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