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L.C. RENIE @iamlcrenie

About L.C. RENIE Author

L.C. RENIE lives a dynamic life with diverse interests and many passions. For the past ten years, she has been in public health service in the food processing industry. Her formal duties are to provide oversight that ensures the safety, wholeness, unadulterated, and proper labeling of a wide variety of consumables. She has recently added first published romance author to her resume. In addition, currently campaigning for 988 advocacy, Suicide and Prevention Awareness a new number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. There is still much work to be done to ensure comprehensive support for people calling for help in preparation for the launch of the number by July 2022.

L.C. wants to continue to write and expand her reach with her books. Her mission is to enlighten readers with real-life scenarios. She strives to create relatable characters that readers can resonate with and show how the characters evolve through adversity. She wants readers to see and feel how her characters overcome insurmountable obstacles, discover their true passion, and honor their self-worth. To continue this mission, L.C. welcomes readers to share their stories, experiences, life challenges, triumphs, hopes, and dreams with her.

When enquired about the inspiration for writing the novel and storyline, L.C. Renie exclaimed, " It was a spiritual enlightenment that inspired me to write this novel. Whereas, best parts about writing is sharing unique stories. I am humbly open to step out of my comfort zone to shade light on stigma subjects with compassion."


My Initial Promo


Imperfections! Dr. Alexandria shamelessly embrace her inherited colorless skin trait.

I look up with a subtle, light smile, to see its Mr. Alessio Giannio, again, but inside my heart erupts like a volcano! That voice!! I'm in love. Completely breathless!

Tides Beneath Unshattered Love: PARIS

Tides relates to adversities, obstacles, and hindrances...

Beneath relates to the underlying of a situation.

Unshattered Love relates to unfailing, forgiveness, lack thereof... regardless of behavior to truth.

Dr. Alexandria Belmont born an Albina black woman, Alexandria knows struggle, but nothing could have prepared her for lies, and betrayal... 


Q. When will the book be available?
A. February 1st, 2022.
Q. Is it steamy?
A. Classy steamy.
Q. Will it make me cry?
A. It all depends on the individual, but hope not. :)
Q. How and Why I chose an Albina female character?
A. Protagonist Dr. Alexandria Belmont is a fictional character... I'm inspired to write and remember someone uniquely special. I had a schoolmate friend in elementary. I remember her uniqueness. I'll never forget her and beautiful smile. We walked home many days together after school talking and laughter ignoring the other schoolmates teased and called her cruel mean names. She showed self-confident in her inherited Albinism identity with a humble personality. I saw beyond her African-American white skin... her kind heart❤.


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Author L.C. RENIE Talks About Self-Publishing Books – Self-Publishing Interview

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Tides Beneath Unshattered Love: PARIS

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