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Tara Hatley @tarahatley2010

I am Tara Smith-Hatley, Owner of T. S. and Associates

​T. S. and Associates, Inc. is a For-Profit Organization designed for consulting the needs of personal and business clientele. We help individuals, Groups or Businesses that need social, economic, educational, technological, medical and legal information. However, we are here to assist those who need resources to obtain the service and we make it affordable for everyone. T. S. and Associates, Inc. is not a law firm and does not render legal advice. We provide our clients with the information they need to carry out their business and personal tasks to succeed.

T. S. and Associates, Inc. realize that times were hard for some people and in order for us to impact change in our community, we must reach out to others for support and this support will come in a variety of ways.

What we have to present is a great opportunity for tomorrow’s leaders to share in the future; in that T. S. and Associates, Inc. has a lot to contribute to society. Being that we have over twenty years of community involvement, we believe it’s our responsibility to give back to the community. We find that a common cause can bring about positive change. A positive productive change that brings about results is what we strive for. We are in a unique position. We have the ability to generate over 5 Million Dollars ($5,000,000.00)


Business Formation

Business Formation is a step by step guide on how to start a business. Details include where to go and get set up, what is needed to get started, and differences in business structures.

This guide is a must read for those wanting to get started in business.

Tips On How To Cope W/Special Needs

Everyday coping skills to help manage life.

From The Heart

This encouragement journal is from my heart to yours with biblical aspects as well as my-dear-family issues put in a book.

Little Sayings

Isn't the Ressurection story an intriguing one? Understanding Bible stories is an early goal parents want to give their children. All children should delight in the word of God. This collection of speeches can be used as a skilled reading exercise for children of all ages. 

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