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Denise Turney @DTWriters


Denise Turney: An Inspirational Author for Black Women

The world is a great place and bright minds will always find their path to success. Denise Turney, one of the emerging Black Women Authors, is a splendid example of why you should always aim for the sky. She is a successful author of several urban novels and has over four decades of writing experience. Her works have regularly been featured in all the popular African American magazines, newspapers and periodicals. She is an inspirational story for other African American women writers.

Novels & Other Literary Works

Denise is the author of a number of African American Books. Some of her novels that have found widespread acclaim include Love Has Many faces, Love Pour over Me, Gregory the Lionhearted, Gada’s Glory, and Long Walk Up. Her literary work has found its way in popular African American publications.
She has not only excelled as an Ethnic Womens Fiction writer, but also as a regular contributor in more than two dozen periodicals, magazines, and newspapers. Some of the well-known publications that cover her work regularly include Essence, America Online, Your Church Magazine, Princeton, The Pittsburgh Quarterly, The Preacher’s Magazine, and the Trenton Times to name just a few.

TV & Radio Appearance

Denise is also a devout Christian. Her faith has often been witnessed in her African American Christian Fiction works. Besides writing, she has also appeared regularly in popular educational and Christian TV and radio stations all over the country. She has been the host of the popular global radio program, Off The Shelf Books Talk Radio. She is always making appearances on local, national, and international shows.

She is a versatile personality, who has also interviewed many New York Times bestselling authors including Francis Ray, Zane, Patricia Haley-Glass, Tyora Moody, and many there African American Books authors. It is certainly a unique accomplishment to interview, Awiatka, the famous Grammy Award nominee.

Chistell Publishing

Denise publishes her books through Chistell Publishing. The company is well-known for publishing the works of Black Women Authors, providing them the platform to get ahead in an otherwise highly competitive industry. All her novels and books are also readily available for order on the publisher’s site.

She is an example for other women writers of color to make it big in their field. She is constantly added new videos to share her latest works and her viewpoint on a wide range of topics. Her blog is an excellent platform to get an insight into her past, current and future works. With 40 years of experience, she never fails to impress with her vast knowledge and insights that she likes to share on her blog.

Her website also keeps her fans and other Black Women Authors up-to-date with the latest literary events. She is also a freelance writer and if you have an idea or a story to tell, Denise may just be the perfect writer to transform your story into magic that can catch up with strings of many hearts. Her newsletter is a constant stream of literary treasure.

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