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Jailaa West @JailaaWest




About Jaila

Jailaa West grew up on the southside of Chicago. She fell hard for romance books in junior high school when she got her first book boyfriend. Aww, she remembers it like it was yesterday. That first kiss. When he swore his undying love. When they married in the epilogue. When it ended. Say what now? She quickly found another book boyfriend and then another and yet another. She’s been book-in-love quite a few times now and she enjoys it as much as the first time.


Home of Sweet Steamy Interracial Romance.

Spend a few hours with the Alpha Heroes of Jailaa West’s Books

No matter the genre - Contemporary, Paranormal or Alien

These Men Love their Women with a Strong Hand and a Fierce Protectiveness.

Their Women love them back with Open Hearts that teach them the power of Forgiveness and Trust.


Obey: Savage Security Book 2


Meet the Men of Savage Security:
They protect your body. You must protect your heart.

To keep Elle alive Beau only needs her to do one thing. Do what he says, when he says it. But turning over control of her life to someone else is hard for her but she doesn’t have any choice when a crazed stalker threatens her life.


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Savage Security Book 1: A BWWM Steamy Romance


Meet the men of Savage Security:

They protect your body, while they steal your heart.

Colt Savage specializes in Software Security. His job is to secure his client's information, at all costs.

To protect his client Colt needed to delete a file from Alana’s computer. No problem. In and out, until she catches him in the act. He tries distracting her, but he is the one who loses focus. Especially when she surrenders to his touch so sweetly and ignites a dominant side he didn’t know he possessed.

Alana knows that Colt is not the man he appears. Her gut tells her he can’t be trusted. But when he caresses her she can’t resist submitting to his charms. Can he seduce her into returning his feelings before she finds out the truth? He doesn’t have any choice and neither does she…

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Control: Savage Security Book 3: A BWWM Bodyguard Romance


Aiden Savage has always run Savage Security with a ruthless control. But now his company has been infiltrated by a clever industrial spy. A spy intent on destroying everything he’s built. When all signs point to Daysha, his treasured assistant, she quits. Stunning him. Does she really think he will just let her go? Now he’s got two weeks, to use all of his resources, his skills, and his heart, to save the two things that matter the most.

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Thanksgiving with the Naughty Boss (Love & Lust Under Lockdown Book 2)


Love and Lust under Lockdown: 

Our world is under lockdown, giving us time to think… think on wasted time and missed opportunities. 

Savor the tales of the brave men and women throwing caution to the wind, and taking a chance on love and lust… 

Ava wanted to strangle hot-as-hell Troy Wickham. He had gone through six of her employment agency’s temps. Now it’s Thanksgiving week and because of lockdown she’s forced to live in his bubble and service him, herself. Not that servicing him would be a problem...  

He needs to focus on closing his business deal. The last thing he wants is an office flirtation. Especially when his last relationship ended in betrayal. She seems she’s different. Her beautiful brown skin and wild curly hair enchant him. But he doesn’t “trust a big butt and a smile...” 

When the doors close, and they are locked in together, will their cool work relationship ignite into something more? Giving them both something to be thankful for. 

•This BWWM office romance is a stand-alone steamy romance with a HEA. It features hot sex scenes and language that is intended for a mature audience. 

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