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Jo-Lynn's Expressions @jjlynn5110_jo

Jo-Lynn's Written Expressions

Have you ever made love through a vision of a mountain that resonated within to feel freedom to express all of it through writing? I have! In 2013, when life felt like a vacuum of a breathe, all of everything that needed to be exposed from within gravitated to a series of writing from a force not to be ignored. Expressing deep love, inquiring life terms, and coming from suffocation to a new reason for a breathe. Not to stand still! Not to believe all opportunities are void! Jo-Lynn's Written Expression 1, is the beginning of a journey that was started from pain, isolation and numbness to a Love of Freedom that could not be ingnored or forgotten! I'm here and he's there as separation has been proven yet no loss of love has been surrendered. Lessons comes through vibrancy of intimacy to be shared. Discover a new Perspective! A series as life that continues to move in unexpcted ways. Jo-Lynn's Written Expressions for You and All to be Inspired!

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Jo-Lynn's Written Expressions II

A continuance of a 3-book series of Jo-lynn's Written Expressions, that goes deeper into depths of insight on thoughts, feelings and life forces. Boldness, Compelling, Laughter with touches of Strength making sure Peace is the foundation of my Living.

A movement of testimonies and layers of freedom of Truth, Learning, Communication and Growth.

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