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Lauren Wilson @BougieAfro

Meet Lauren Wilson

Lauren Wilson has been writing poetry and prose off and on for over 40 years, beginning with a series of poems to commemorate a cousin who passed away at age 19. She finds inspiration for her stories from a muse, an inner voice that propels her to put thoughts and emotions into words. When she isn’t writing, she uses her engineering background to work as a safety consultant, assessing machines and robotics in preparation for sale to European companies. Lauren is married to Howard Wilson; they have one dog, Petey. Lauren and Howard also have five precious nieces who provide much fulfillment and joy. In her spare time, Lauren is working on a labor of love – a 5 story miniature apartment building, filled with African-American art. She has been a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. since 2004.


African-American Short Fiction by Lauren Wilson

Afro-Bougie Blues by Lauren Wilson is a collection of vignette stories that detail the activities of African American characters with real-life challenges and lived experiences. The stories are emotionally moving and thought-provoking as they are written in a way that sounds to the reader’s mind as pure thought and conversations from one person to another.

The book opens with Mourning Angela the story of Alexis a woman that has suffered loss by way of miscarriages, betrayal of a first love, and finding love and hope in the unlikeliest of people in the depths of her dreams. This 34-year-old highly educated self-proclaimed perfectionist appears to the world to have it all and can do it all, but the realization is that she fails in being able to carry a child to term. Her body fails her, and she questions if her decision to abort a child in her younger years is to blame.

Afro-Bougie Blues: A Collection of Short Fiction


Afro-Bougie Blues is a collection of twelve original, engaging, and occasionally edgy short stories that dig into the souls of ordinary black women and men meeting life’s challenges with courage and care. A newlywed considers her past abortion after having a miscarriage. An Army veteran subdues his war memories with alcohol. A woman who loses weight watches her marriage crumble around her. A single father reflects on his pre-teen daughter’s complicated questions about love. A married woman falls in love with a jazz singer. Watch as the protagonists find their way, find love, or find themselves amid the chaos. Explore the world of Afro-Bougie Blues. An extraordinary assortment of stories awaits you. Dig in.

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